Development Units

Hi Aii,

Just checking … have all people who backed the “Hackers Special” received their first unit yet ? I know I haven’t (has not shipped as of October 3) but wanted to find out if this was just me (and one other on the groups) or a more general phenomenon.

Thanks in Advance


P.S. love the posts to date, results look awesome !

@shoeminator‌, Most people have indeed received their “Hacker Special” units. There are a few people that missed the communication from us. Please contact

Hi Stephen,

I have contacted support and was told

“We are working very hard to fulfill these orders. Please extend just a little more patience.”

if you are talking about the communication on the 28th of August regarding the Application Developer License Agreement. I did not miss that communication and immediately followed the link and acknowledged the agreement. A day later (on the 29th of August) I even sent an email to yourself (steve@…) confirming I had done so and asked a question regarding the 230V version.

I contacted you on the 30th of september and you referred it to the support group and Lisa !?!!!

Should I contact support again as per your response or should the initial referral that do it ?

Was there another communication I missed and why are you telling me it was due to a missed communication when support are telling me they are still working hard to fulfil the full set of hackers specials ?

I acknowledged the agreement as directed … what is going on ???

Apologies if this forum is not the optimal place to discuss this but my emails to support (and others whom I won’t name) are going unanswered … it is the only medium I have left :frowning:

I am not receiving responses to my emails but ironically … I did receive a "Your request (20563) has been solved. " email … when clearly it has not … and I also received a “We’d love to hear what you think of our customer service” email and survey …

… no first prize for guessing what the theme to my response to that was :frowning:

I really wanted to get the unit, SDK and get stuck into some app development for this platform but now … if October shipping occurs for the units as expected … there will be no advantage to having supported the hackers special :frowning:

This is a fine place to voice your concern. Let me check on this for you.

thanks for the update via email. glad it has shipped (even if a month late). will advise when it arrives


Arrived today !!! A pleasant surprise !!!

One small thing … How to we access the SDK … There was nothing in the box but the cooker (nice box just quietly) and I can’t find a link to download it :-/

Been a long day … Possibly I’ve missed something obvious :-/

Calibration looks pretty much spot on and I accidentally worked how to get it in degrees C … I’ll tackle the Bluetooth interface when someone points me in the right direction :slight_smile: