Difficulty reconnecting via Bluetooth after leaving range of the Anova


I have a Bluetooth Anova that I started using this week. I have no problem connecting to the unit via the app and starting the cooking process. However, the trouble has come when I leave and come back to check on the status. I have been leaving some chicken cooking while I go to the gym, but when I try to reconnect to view the progress when I return, I get one of two results:

  1. I’ll get the “please wait while we reconnect” picture, but the app never makes the connection
  2. no attempt will be made to reconnect, and the app will simply show a message that it will reconnect when back in range when clicking on the recipe

Is this common, and if so, is there a way to resolve it?

Hey Teggy, that’s not an expected result. Please email us at support@anovaculinary.com so we can take a deeper dive into this and find a solution for this!

Thanks, I will.

Did you find a solution? Am having the same problem