Display showing random temperatures including minus ones


I was just warming my water up to 170F for some Duck Confit and my machine started beeping like crazy and showing all sorts of random high temperatures in the 400F mark and low ones in minus figures.

From looking across the site I’ve seen that it could be a steam in the sensors issues, although the water bath was covered. I’ve not used the machine for a month or so and I don’t use it that often so I’d be surprised if it’s developed a defect through too much use.

Is there anything I can do to solve this and stop the small fortune I’ve spent in Duck Legs and fat from having to go in the bin / trash?


You’ll need to get in touch with Support, and you might have to do your confit via the traditional oven method.

Possibly I should start a new thread on this. I haven’t had any problems with my immersion circulators (both Anova and Joule), but the few cases I’ve read about have prompted me to get a recording thermometer to monitor the cooking temperature of the sous vide immersion bath. If you have uninterpretable numbers on the Anova, checking the temperature record could reassure you that the food had been adequately heated, or warn you that it hadn’t. If you get a thermometer with an alarm, It can even call your attention to the problem as it occurs.

Hey @magiccox, please reach out to support. They’ll help. :slight_smile:

@Palindrome there are a few threads on here about the use of thermometers. You can search for them, or get started with with this topic.

@AlyssaWOAH Thanks!

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