Do I need to clean the unit after each use?

just used the cooker for the first time. Eggs cooked perfectly!

Do I need to clean it or anything after using or just let it cool for an hour and then dry off and put away?

I don’t think it requires cleaning after every use. If you crack an egg in the bath, I’d definitely clean it afterwards (or even stop it straight away). The manual is available here

Haven’t read it but it should contain care instructions.

Ya it says how to clean it properly but doesn’t really specify how often to do it.

I assumed you clean it for sure if an egg breaks or bag ruptures while cooking. I suppose other than it only needs cleaning once in a while if there’s any stains or lime buildup. Otherwise you can just dry it off and put away each time.

Sounds about right to me, yeah. Unless you’ve got really murky water, I don’t think it would need it often.