Do you get your apps on Google Play or Amazon Marketplace?

I want to get a read on how many members are using a device that supports Android apps but not the Google Play store. Or, if you prefer Amazon Marketplace to Google Play for downloading apps. Thanks!

@jordan, I tried the Amazon Marketplace once because it had a few free apps that I installed, used once and then forgot about. But to do so meant changing a system setting in my phone (Galaxy S4) which disabled OS updates and was a potential security compromise, so I changed it back again. I don’t know if that’s still the case, I haven’t yet seen a compelling reason to give it another go.

@jordan I don’t seem to be able to vote in the poll. I’m on Google Chrome, Windows 7 x64.

Voting not working in Firefox on Linux either.

@DougL & @Simon_C try clicking on it and pressing submit - the circle won’t mark off but it will register your choice (bug…meh…need to fix)

Amazon Marketplace!  :smiley: