Doness temp or time?

Did a frozen steak it was not overly even cut varied from 1/2 to about 3/4" and was rump(my fav). Anway

you can see my doneness varies. I realise my steak and conditions are not ideal but I reakon it highlights the cooking effect.

Now for my question. Does my donenesss vary because of temp, time or the fact it was frozen? My money is on the fact it was frozen…thoughts?

The doneness is set by your bath temperature. Doneness relates to the internal temperature of the finished product.

Time impacts not the doneness but the tenderness. Tenderness results from conversion of collagen to gelatin. This takes time at sous vide temperatures.

The gradient in your steak is most likely the result of your wearing process. This is when any overcooking us likely to occur because the steak is already cooked and care must be taken not to push the interior further.

I agree this was most like caused by the searing process especially as the steak was not of a uniform thickness. The thinner the meat the easier it is to overcook when searing especially if the meat is straight out of the water bath and already at the desired temperature. I usually always chill my steaks between water bath, then bring it back up to a slightly lower temp than initially in the water bath before searing as this will reduce the likely hood of overcooking. Always use a digital thermometer to finally check the internal temp

Hey Bluc

I know this bain marie S.S. insert pan and it maybe small for the size of rump roast you are trying to cook, 1/3 of a 600 pan, 12"L x 4"W x 6"D. You could be not getting circulation, that might explain uneven cooking such a rectangular pan. More square or round vessel more water . When the bag was clamp to the side of did your steak lean against wall of that insert pan that may cause uneven bullseye cooking. Ice Chest do very well and don’t cost a lot come in all sizes use ping pong ball and a lid for fatty meat that float. Check temperature of water of sous vide. I like flat on racks or clamped on a center upright rack with This looks like a London Broil or top round cut. I cook mine for 12-24 hrs.@ 129-131°F Rare to Med.rare.
Good Luck Chef Blake