Electrical smell from new Anova

I have a Eurochef cooker/circulator and now I have bought an Anova based on my results from the Eurochef.

I have tried the Anova twice, without any food, just testing. It produces an unpleasant “electrical” smell; I suspect ozone, or maybe just hot electrical machinery. It smells strongest from the motor vent. It pervades the whole kitchen area, not terribly strongly but not nicely, and I am also worried that the machine has a fault.

Is this normal? My Eurochef does not make this smell. If normal, does it improve with time?

Thanks for any help.


A slight smell is normal and gives out over time. But if it’s overwhelming or lingers too long, I would definitely reach out to support@anovaculinary.com.

Thanks for the reply.

It was not slight. It was hanging around for days, literally. The actual machine smelled funny even when not in use. My partner did not like it. After a couple of uses it made my eyes water.

I contacted Anova and they replaced the unit. The new one is much better.


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Glad we were able to help you out with your unit! Enjoy it! :slight_smile:

I received a 2nd gen Anova. Upon its first water bath test baptism, I noticed a strong plastic/electrical odor emitted from the unit. It can be smelled throughout our fairly large home.
I am in the midst of a 30 hour cook and the smell is becoming unbearable even with the kitchen windows open. I am thinking of moving it into the garage!
I see a few posts addressing this same issue. Will this odor dissipate with use or does Anova possibly have a bad batch of these units?
Thank you.


Merged your topic to an existing one regarding the same issue. Something slight that goes away shortly is normal, but a lingering, strong one is definitely not the norm. It sounds like the issue you’re facing is the latter. With that said, I would most definitely reach out to customer support so they can switch out your unit for one that doesn’t smell terrible.

I have the same issue. It’s unbearable and appears to have gotten worse with each use.

I have had the same issue with mine for over 2 years. ( admittedly I didn’t use the unit for the first year) but thought the smell would go. I have asked through email if it is dangerous fumes coming off the unit as it has got worse not better over time. To be met with you are out of warranty so can give a bit of discount on a new one or I have to pay for a repair. Now looking through many of these threads ( on here and other places) it’s kind of obvious that anova admit that there is a fault in the manufacturing process seen as they have replaced everyone else unit. I can say I’m a bit miffed as why mine won’t be as even with being out of warranty it was sold to me as an unfit for use item. As o said it is my own fault for not complaining straight away but I just thought it was a new smell that would go away. I won’t be buying another one as I was that is for sure.