Email response difficulties

Hi All,

Just wanted to update that we’re currently seeing errors in both sending and receiving emails.
This isn’t affecting all correspondence, but intermittently. Some emails will go through, while others will not. 

We’re working directly with our platform provider (Zendesk) to get this issue resolved as fast as possible. In the meantime, we do appreciate the patience from our lovely customers as we get through this road bump.

Please feel free to reach out via our phone support (855.821.4242) or our chat (Chat with us button at the bottom) for any pressing needs or concerns. Please note that we’ll be seeing much higher volume than normal across these channels so there may be delays as well.

We’re working hard to make sure your concerns and questions are taken care of and getting this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

////Update#1 1/13////

The information given is related to email forwarding - we’re sorting this out and hopefully should be resolved before end of day.

////Update#2 1/14////

We’re still seeing emails coming in and unable to respond. The issue at hand has been bumped to the highest tier in the ticket management system at Zendesk. 

////Update#3 1/15////
Issue resolved.


In case this helps, my experience was that email reply did not work (and gave no error message), but there is an interface that I was only able to find on my phone on the website that let me reply to my opened ticket. (p.s. my issue has been resolved since).

Final update: 

Fixed the response issue at hand, and the email support team is going through and re-issuing responses right away. 

Please post here if you haven’t received a reply within the next 1-2 business days.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

@Bill do you guys still post a daily discount code ? I’m interested in getting the international unit. Thanks !!

 I sent this 3 days ago,
I just finished chatting with Angel, and am VERY DISAPPOINTED with your policy when it concerns owners of the anova one. After less than two years the screen cracked and I’ve basically been told that it’s scrap because the screen developed a crack in it. This unit cost me slightly over $350cdn with the exchange and duties I had to pay when I received it. I was one your first clients, and biggest supporters, I referred countless people to your company, but had no idea you did not stand behind your product. Times are tough, and people can’t afford to throw their money away, least of all me. I would imagine that it is not to expensive to replace a touch screen, and yet your company refuses to fix it, or even sell the part. I wasn’t asking for a free repair, and I don’t understand how in good conscience you can leave your clients with no options.

@SEt_Choryl - We are hoping to lower international unit prices soon, but no longer open daily discounts.

@sousthis - Thank you. That does sound frustrating! We’re looking into having a better solution, I’ll check with our support team on your ticket.