Evaporation Issues

I was looking at some meals I would like to cook.
When it comes t some meats of larger size, I see cooking times of 10 hours.
How does the water evaporation over that time period affect the process?
Besides the fact my wife says I don’t have the patience for that…

The bath water will evaporate when you do longer cooks. Covering the container is the best solution. It does not take much to minimize evaporation. I often use plastic wrap. It is a good idea to check the water level periodically.

Here is a link to a lengthy discussion on various ways the problem has been addressed.

There’s also lots of information here:

I would caution you about using plastic wrap though - I used to as well, but it allows most of the water vapour to escape right around the ANova PC - which is not what you want - the electronics at the top of the unit are quite sensitive to hot water vapour - often causing unpredictable results if you’re not careful. For any prolonged cooks, I’d definitely recommend a covered vessel with a hole that’s been cut for the PC (if the vessel is deep enough, then you don’t need to use your clamp - just use a hole saw and let the lid support the PC).