Expected ship date

Can you let us know if shipping is on time?

@markc‌, As of today, production is on schedule.

How about now? We are nearing the end of October and I haven’t yet gotten a ship notification.

production on schedule doesnt tell me anything. how about a shipping date?

They are shipping, though it will probably take some time for them to ramp things up. My Founders Club Anova Precision Cooker made my soft “boiled” eggs for breakfast this morning.

I don’t want to seem impatient… but I am getting impatient. Can you give us a shipping update? I feel taunted by those that already got theirs.

I don’t mind if it’s delayed… but it would be nice to have an update on when you expect to ship them.

I think it is disappointing that someone can go to the Anova website and place an order to one, but not all the Kickstarter people have gotten the units they were promised. Really makes me want to support a project in the future.

I agree. I’ve generally been patient about the vague and infrequent contact but I’m feeling deflated by this entire process. It’s becoming apparent that Anova will fail to meet its “shipping in October” commitment for a vast majority of its backers. The spreadsheet started by a backer strongly suggests that this process could take weeks, maybe longer. Given Anova’s recent insistence that it would meet the October shipping commitment I’d really appreciate an update.

What’s causing the delay? What sort of order is being followed? More importantly, please provide us with a more sincere and honest time estimate.

@sousvidecooker‌ The order page on the Anova website does say “*Available November 2014” so even if you order one you won’t be getting it right away. I would be incredibly surprised if website pre-orders ship before Kickstarter backers.

Based on my experience as a backer of other projects I’m actually pretty surprised that they made the October shipping date for any backers since I thought the timeline was fairly ambitious with as many backers as they have. Even if they don’t get everything shipped until November it still isn’t too bad considering how late some other projects have been/are late on Kickstarter (I’m looking at you Codlo!). I think the worst part about the delays almost always is the lack of good and timely communication. I suspect that they’re probably just trying to get the Anovas out the door and don’t really realize that even a quick update on how things are going would go a long way to making many people happy.

I have not received an email for fulfillment after Update #16 on the Kickstarter page. I did respond to the survey on Kickstarter after the campaign ended. I think mine was dated June 23. I want to make sure I get my unit as soon as I can as I’ve been looking forward to it. I was lucky enough to get in on the Founder’s club level. Is there a way to check to see if I was ever sent an email to enter my shipping details on whichever fulfillment page is going to be used? I looked through past emails as well as spam email folders and didn’t see anything about shipping or creating an account on the Anova site. I created one here to be able to comment and ask my question.
Thanks in advance.

This update was better but still lacking in things people would like to see: numbers. How many go out in a batch? What is the dwell time between batches?

Given the responses from the google form (one batch shipped 10/22), and taking from the announcement (readying a shipment this week), they are doing about 1 batch a week. Also, if we extrapolate from the survey, we can estimate that about ~200 units were shipped in this first batch. Unfortunately, due to high variance and low sample size (n=3 for shipped) this isn’t a robust estimate. Further complicating the matter, we cannot assume the poll is a random sample of users as the survey isn’t readily accessible to all users - they have to poke around the forums a bit to find it.

I’m a little frustrated with this process now.

I had an online chat on Monday with Shermie from customer support, who promised to come back to me with information about the shipping date. Today I’ve had a note saying that my order ‘is on the list to be shipped’ but no information about when that might be. This information seems a bit pointless when everyone who backed the project will be on the list… I’ve replied asking for further information, but the query has been closed.

As my first experience of backing a kickstarter project, this is quite disappointing. The communication seems to have fallen apart around shipping; this part of the delivery is clearly running behind (i.e. units will not all ship in October) and yet we’ve had no information on updated shipping dates.

Anova: please, provide us with some concrete information here, or you risk losing some of the goodwill you gained at the start of the project.

comon folks, please give us some solid info on shipping dates.

Yeah, I mean accuracy is way more important to me than the punctuality (to an extent of course). I wouldn’t have cared at all if you said you’re a little behind or whatever. But when you tell me production is on schedule, and that in the month of expected shipping that everything is still a go, it’s pretty annoying. I planned a 12 course dinner party for the second weekend in November expecting I’d have my TIC and be able to use it for at least a week prior, now I get to both change the menu and have a way more stressful execution on the night.

From an email I sent today. Thought I’d share here.

First, let me say that I’m still very excited about my first adventures in sous vide. If your machine is a great as promised it’s likely to bring me a lot of joy.

That said, I am among the growing chorus of people feeling frustrated with the process. I’ve yet to receive shipping notice and more importantly, I’ve yet to get any information about when I can actually expect to receive the precision cooker.

It’s clear that for the vast majority of us Anova will fail to meet it’s “shipping in October” commitment. Most of us understand that October was a goal, but that things might fall behind. Launching a product is tough and most of us are more than willing to extend understanding and continued support.What we can’t understand, however, is poor information which has at times verged on deceitful.
… (edited for the sake of brevity)
A meaningful update would include the order in which orders in which orders are being fulfilled, the rate at which they are being fulfilled, the reason for delays, and the latest date date we might expect to see our machines. This last point is key; the date you plan to finish shipping is much more meaningful that the date on which you begin shipping.

A useful update would read something like this:

“Thanks to all our backers for your patience. Our production process has been slower than expected. Machines are being received at a rate of 300/week, delivered every Thursday.
We promise to keep shipping them as quickly as possible and we will be filling orders in a “first-backed first shipped” basis. Those who changed their backing level will be shipped based on the day on which they first backed the project. We expect shipping to stretch over the next four months with the final backer receiving their machine at the end of February. Thanks for your support.”

While it may seem only slightly different from your previous updates, I can promise you that it would feel immensely different to your backers. I’m not sure if the absence of such a clear update is the result of embarrassment or of know-how. If it’s embarrassment, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by the relief you’d feel and the positive feedback your get from backers.

Expectant Thanks,

A. Backer

It is never a good idea to assume that a Kickstarter project will be delivered on time. A majority of projects I have backed don’t meet their expected delivery date. Sous vide devices on Kickstarter have a particularly bad track record of getting delivered on time. Sansaire had an expected ship date of November 2013 and appears to have started shipping around January 19th, 2014. The first Nomiku was even worse with an original expected ship date of December 2012 and they didn’t start shipping until September 16th, 2013. Codlo (which isn’t a circulator at all, but cheaper than the other sous vide solutions available at that time) was due in March 2014 but has only just started shipping in the last couple weeks.

My point in saying all of this is that even getting close to on time with a project like this is a big accomplishment. It’s just too bad that Anova is dropping the ball on the communication side of things. That seems to be a common thing to happen though with projects that far exceed their original funding goal. If they would just give all of us a timetable on when we can expect shipping to happen or even just an estimate of how quickly they are shipping out units I think a lot of people would be happier. I think most people understand that shipping over 10,000 units will take a while, we just want to know how the progress is going.

Thank you to the Anova team for update 19 - this is exactly what most of us were hoping for.

Good luck with your shipping schedule - can’t wait to receive it!

Thanks for the update. This one was much more useful than the previous updates. I’m looking forward to receiving my cooker and understand that the dates posted are estimates. For the first time I feel like Anova is making a sincere effort to share accurate information with us. It’s really appreciated.

Echoing others above to say I also really appreciate the update with clear numbers and dates. Thanks a bunch.