False Low Water Level Alarm (SOLVED)

I encountered the persistent bleeping of the low water level alarm when I had more than sufficient water.

Unscrewing the protective cover showed a build up of limescale.

The critical area is between the two metal rods which are the water level sensors, as limescale there stops the reading of current via the water thus the false alarm.

I used 2 packs of Oust Descaler, http://www.oustdescalers.co.uk/en/home.cky.html, I’m sure any other descaler would work but this is particualrly effective with the limescale desolved away leaving shiny metal and a working Anova.

Household white vinegar (4.5% acetic acid) is a good descaled too.

I’ve never been able to get vinegar to work removing lime scale from my unit. I eventually gave up and used 50/50 by volume CLR and distilled water