FCC ID , Wifi frequency & wifi output data

Hello ~

Does anyone know Precision cooker WIFI FCC ID
& wifi frequency , output these data in document

The custom won’t allow these devices import to where I’m.
Only after I provide thoes data.

But the website only show blutooth / wifi , no detail techical spec.

The wifi radio is using the 2.4GHz spectrum.  I don’t see the FCC ID anywhere in the online documentation (no docs ship with the device).

Also, you didn’t specify which PC you have - the 110V or the 220V (each could have a different FCC ID).

You really should call or e-mail support.  The point of this “community” is to have Anova customers supporting each other - the support reps don’t scan these forums all of the time.
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i’m pretty sure that the FCC requires the FCC ID to be on the product itself.  if anova isn’t doing this, they are in violation of the FCC rules, and can be fined or made to stop importing/selling the device until they fix the problem.

of course, the FCC ID doesn’t apply to other countries, but they have their own requirements.  i’m guessing OP is in italy, in which case the unit would likely need the CE mark.

The WiFi Module inside the unit is :


It is listed as FCC/CE certified. In theory you should be able to find the FCC ID #…

I found the description in the user manual.
- This Precision™ Cooker WI-FI contains FCC ID: AZY-HF-LPB100.

Hope this helps.

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