Feature request - Cook to preset time

I would like to program the APC in the following way.
I use the ice bath feature and have my food in place. The time when the meal has to be ready is also defined. Now I want to program the APC to have the food ready at a specific time. Based on
-the current temperature
-the heat-up curve of the APC
-the cooking temperature
-the cooking time
The APC can start the cooking on his own and will have the food ready just on time :slight_smile:
This would be a convinient feature.

Can’t be done - there’s no way for the APC to know the properties of the vessel you have it in (volume, insulated/uninsulated, covered), nor the amount of ice as well as the particulars of the food that you’re adding (size, thickness, previously frozen, etc).

Yes, it would be nice, but you’re asking a little much from software. :slight_smile:

Also, cook time is less important with sous vide. There is much less chance of ‘overcooking.’ So, provided your meat is ‘done’ it can sit in a holding pattern for quite a while before the texture degrades noticeably.

A simpler option from a programming perspective would be to be able to select a time for the Anova to switch its heater on. But that can be done manually via remote if you have the Wifi version.

That’s how I do it currently. But this is inconvenient if you have to start the APC in the middle of the night. :sleeping:

Heh, ok, I’ll bite. What’s the circumstance that you need to start a cook in the middle of the night? :slight_smile:

If you’re just talking about a scheduling feature, that’s been on the “wish list” for a very, very long time.

Maybe the software release that they bring out to support the Nano launch will have it, but I’m not holding my breath. :slight_smile:

All of the logic that you were talking about - knowing the metrics of the cooking vessel - how long it will take the APC to convert all of that ice into water and get the vessel up to temperature - these are metrics that you’re going to need to discover for your setup…then, when we DO have a scheduling feature, you can use that to kick off your cook (hopefully Anova also has it send out a notification when it does).

Me, I work around that by using my calendar to remind me to kick off a cook. Then I just bring up the app and can start it remotely (as I have the wifi version). (as Ember said) :slight_smile:

Anova-user, you are just too far ahead in technology for me to comprehend why you would want to do this if you’re not an otherwise bored Phd. in physics or math. I am disappointed you didn’t include your formula for this, and you appear to have ignored one most significant variable, - mass.
Good luck.

I’m beginning to think i have been using SV far too long. Sous vide cooking’s most significant benefit after quality improvement through enhanced process control is convenience, the ability to store your cooking labour. SV was developed and has mostly been used to separate the actual cooking process from the finishing and service steps. That’s its convenience factor. Why go back 30 years to the conventional pre-SV cook-serve process?