Finally, Peace at last. The Beeper is dead !

Anova Beeping Finally Drove Me Crazy

I have had my Anova for 3 years now and LOVE IT. But the beeping is insane. Especially when it is linked to my phone sending me alerts I don’t need the unit itself making noise. I finally had enough today and ripped the thing apart to figure out what made it tick… errr… beep.

Having to reverse engineer this thing took a bit of looking as I’m not the most tech-savvy with circuit boards and what not. And if anyone from Anova is reading this I’m sorry. Knowing what I know now I could have done this much simpler and cleaner. But seriously it is maddening.

After taking the entire body of the unit apart to figure out how they build the head. And after more or less stripping the screws out from under the trim ring that seals the top assembly I finally saw the magic. I am going to be ordering a new wifi unit so when I get that I will take pictures of the steps as I am doing them much cleaner. But that said here is what I figured out.

The top center panel, the dark plastic that the numbers and brand are displayed on, is held on by double-sided tape. Not unlike how the nextel front bezels used to be attached for all the phone nerds out there. A hair dryer will soften the glue enough for you to carefully peel this layer off.

Once you have that exposed there are 4 screws that hold the top trim ring on. BE CAREFUL! THERE ARE 2 RIBBON WIRES UNDER THIS! Remove them and you expose the circuit boards where all the magic happens. There are three circuit boards stacked on top of each other. The smallest board has a little battery DON"T CONFUSE THIS FOR THE SPEAKER. The middle board has a small black box on it. Mine had a little plus sign that I’m assuming was for orientation. If you have the means and the know how to desolder surface mount components this is your time to shine. If you’re like me and don’t possess that skill simply get that soldering iron nice and hot and destroy that little demon box.

Take a minute to celebrate.

Replace the 4 screws. Stick the display panel back on. Send me some of whatever you made in perfect silence.

I know this will totally void whatever warranty, and you will not have the benefit of the alarms. But if you’re like me and have roommates or children that a high pitch beeping will really annoy, just set a timer on your phone and build a proper rig so you don’t run dry.


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