Firmware upgradable?

Does anyone know if the firmware. On the wifi unit is upgradable. Perhaps the cumbersome manual time setting can be addressed. Really just want to know if upgrade is possible or not

This is a great question. Would also like to know.

I suspect that a firmware upgrade would probably be pushed via the app, but I don’t really know…

I came up with the same question after I discovered how convoluted the manual timer process is. I’m amazed that someone actually allowed it to pass quality as it won’t qualify for any user interface awards. I noticed that an earlier announcement regarding a firmware upgrade (Oct. '14) said you had to send in your unit back to Texas to get the new firmware. I’m hoping that perhaps the new app will allow firmware upgrades to be done locally. And, yes, a rewrite of the manual timer function is in order. Thank goodness setting the temperature and timer in the latest is quite straightforward.