First time sous vider but it's not working, am I doing something wrong here?

Hello there! I just bought an Anova Culinary A2.2-120V-US Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth, Immersion Circulator, 800 Watts, Black on Prime Day and opened it about 45 minutes ago to sous vide some salmon. I anchored the Anova to a pan, filled up the water halfway between the min and max line, then I downloaded the app and followed the instructions. First, plugged in the Anova and it connected via bluetooth, set my temp at 115 and timer at 45 minutes and hit start. The unit turns on for around a second or two and just starts to move the water when it shuts off, the play button goes red, and it beeps 3 times at me. I tried uninstalling the app and redownloading it, but that didn’t work. When I am looking at the app in real time, I hit play and it’ll show a loading circle spinning and the screen it goes to showing a preheat flashes for a second then pops back to the temp and time screen. I just want to cook my salmon, is this a busted unit or what?

Hi Patrick!

I think you should contact Anova product support - most people that do so when they have a problem seem to get a pretty quick response and resolution. Email address is
That said, in the short term I suggest you try running it manually to see if you can at least get your cooking done. Perhaps it won’t shut down when started manually. (Personally I always use it manually - but that’s just my personal preference).

Just in case you’re not already aware of them here are the manual steps: Stick it in the pot just as you did, plug it in, use the roller to select the temp you desire, and hit the start. If it’s working correctly it will beep (I think three short beeps) when the water temp is close to the temp you set. Go ahead and put your food in and set a kitchen timer or the timer on your phone or whatever. If these steps work then at least you can do whatever cooking you need - and you can resolve your initial problem with Anova support at your leisure.

Best of luck to you!

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