Flank Steak Cook Time

I’m planning to cook two 2lb flank steaks with chimichurri sauce. Has anybody had any experience with flank steak cook time and temperature?

The Anova app suggest 90 minutes @ 131, but I have seen posts on the Internet suggesting cook times from 6 hours to 2 days. Why the disperity and what is right?

Also, if anyone has a great chimichurri sauce recipe, that would be great!

Thanks in advance !

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Sorry no experience with flank steak for me. When I make it the time under the broiler is relatively short and then I cut it for sandwiches. I might try it someday.

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The longer cook times are going to yield a more tender steak.There comes a point though when it’s going to pass from steak to tender to mush. I can’t necessarily say when that is for flank steak, as I typically grill them.

A long article, but a good read on steak cooking times and what happens along the way can be found here:

Here’s a good recipe for a Cuban chimichurri sauce - you can just substitute parsley for cilantro if you want the more traditional Argentinean version.

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