Skirt Steak

I’m searching and can’t get a clear answer on the best way to cook skirt steaks. I’m guessing 8 or 24 hours at 131f.


8 hours will be long enough. You may find 24 will effect the texture.

I love my Anova but sous vide doesn’t make sense for everything. Skirt steaks, in my opinion, fall into that category. The meat is tender and thin and typically only needs two minutes on a side (on a grill) to cook. If you were to cook it sous vide (8 hours according to bvjobe), you would still have to sear it. Using a flamethrower, it would take you about a minute. Using a cast iron pan, closer to two minutes. So there’s no upside to sous vide in this particular case.

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Skirt steaks are very chewy, thanks all. Will go with 8hrs.

Turned out great.

Did the 8 hour cook give nice tender steaks? :slight_smile:

It did. No reason to go longer IMO.