Flavor in chicken breast

Sous vide chicken breast come out nice and juicy and tender. Problem is I can’t much flavor. I know it suppose to taste like chicken but I would like some marinade flavor. I’ve marinated them before using different marinades but can’t get it into the breast. Can you inject marinade into chicken? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Yes, you can inject marinade. Just pick up an injector syringe kit at the supermarket.


You might also try equilibrium brining the chicken. Salt can have a surprising effect on the flavor of any food really.

Chicken breast isn’t exactly a flavourful piece of poultry anyway, but to get the best available chicken flavour from it I’d cook it on the crown.

Skinless/boneless breasts I usually bag up with fresh herbs and a tablespoon or two of herb oil for their 2 hour bath.

To get an extra flavour punch I’d add herbs and other flavourings to a mild brine, as suggested by Brian1 above. The salt in the brine will help draw the flavourings into the chicken flesh.

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Thank you for your reply, I’ll give it a try.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply. I will get started today.

@nbmartin how did the chicken come out? Have you tried it out yet?

Great. Love this site. Nice to know I have a place I can talk with people with experience.

@nbmartin glad you’re here hanging out with us!!!