Freezing poultry after sous-vide

So i’m trying to batch cook a lot of turkey breasts, then cut them and freeze in portions.
Then put couple of portions into the regular fridge section to defrost overnight and use the poultry for for sandwiches, etc. Cold, or minor reheating on the stove with the veggies.

anybody doing anything similar?

I’l test and post the results here.

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I do this kinda thing all the time. Cook them in the water bath, portion it up as desired, then throw them in the freezer. Defrosted and reheat as desired.


I have done this and it works great. Be sure and date your bags before freezing so you use the oldest ones first. I find if I do too many they get pushed back in the freezer and get freezer burn if not used soon enough. I have a standalone upright freezer and it is easy to put more than I can use in it.