Full turkey Breast

Help please: shld i separate a turkey breast
Into two…and how long shld i cook for and what temp?

I’ve never done turkey, so my advice may not be the best. In general, cutting the meat up or not will mainly affect the cooking time and how it looks like for presentation purposes. If you leave a whole breast in the bath long enough, it will definitely cook through. You may want to look in the app, I believe there’s a guide for turkey, as well as several recipes.

Well Marnie, like most things in life, - it all depends.

What’s more important to you; presentation, or ease of portioning and service?

The whole turkey breast in all its golden beauty will look very impressive on a nicely garnished platter while the split breasts cut off the bone are far easier and quicker to slice evenly and serve. Left on the bone they defy the correct slicing technique. Turkey breasts are best sliced on a slight bias starting at the narrow end across their width so you have mostly uniform slices. It’s your choice.

Since you don’t provide any details on turkey size, and they are quit variable, you are going to have to do some self-help work to answer your second question.

You should first consider the degree of doneness you enjoy as there can be a lot of variance between moist and soft, to somewhat solidly done. They all require different times and temperatures from 131F to as high as 155F. Some diligent research starting at www.seriouseats.com will lead to your culinary stardom.

And don’t forget to start with the baking powder.

Happy cooking.

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