Getting meat in the bag without messing up the sealin edges

So i read somewhere to fold over the edge of the bags when inserting the meat onto the bags to prevent them from getting messy which could prevent the seal from being safe.
The bags i use seem to be very uncooperative with that so the other day sorta by accident I was doing a T bone which was rather large and in order to add spices I placed the steak on a sheet of wax paper to contain the spices from going everywhere (like by using a plate) and as I carried the steak to my sealer I just folded the paper over the steak and slipped it into the bag, no fuss no mess when you pull the wax paper out of the bag w/o the steak…

Makes a nice easy solid clean seal.


Great suggestion. Better than trying to clean off the ‘zipper’ on the bag of small particles of salt and pepper.