Give us feedback for the new time and temp screen in the app!

Hey Food Nerds! The app team is back for your feedback!

We have come up with three awesome new set time and temp input screens as a direct result of your feedback that in the current app it is hard to set time and temp.

If you fill out this survey you will be entered in a raffle to win one of two $50 Amazon gift certificates!! PLUS: You will be giving us invaluable feedback we will be using to implement the final design in the app!


You are only eligible to win if you complete the survey by Tuesday May 30th.

Thanks so much!! we can’t wait to hear what you think :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Much #anovafoodnerd love,

The Digital Product Team <3

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Thanks for posting this @HunterC - you’re awesome!

Oh…and one more suggestion. If you gave the Apple Watch applet this capability, you could just use the digital crown to adjust the temp and time (be much easier than trying to do so on the watch screen).
Just have them click (highlight) temp or time, then use the crown to adjust (while adjusting temp, the screen changes to show a temperature dial being adjusted). Likewise for time. Well…doesn’t have to be a dial…some peoples eyes aren’t that good…maybe just having it show up in larger numbers would be good. :slight_smile: