ham question

I'm going to have a store brand cooked ham today. It has a nice thick cryovac wrap on it and I peeled off the stickers as best I could. Just some gluey paper left. I figure it will come off after a short time in the 140 bath. It won't get into the ham but was wondering if the little bits would harm the impellor. Thoughts?

I don’t know why that happens sometime. Sorry it’s annoying.

Whybuy, most cooked hams are too thick for SV reheating. I would follow the directions on the package, just heat and serve. Cooked hams are well-brined and pumped full of water so they don’t benefit from a long SV. Most cooks apply a glaze and oven reheat.

I have seen cooked hams sawn in half along the bone, if it’s one of those it will take about 3 hours. Otherwise it will be a long reheat to get to the bone.

The Cryovac packaging is strong and well sealed, that won’t be your problem.

…and, yes, if a big enough bit managed to get into the circulator and jam the impeller, it could cause damage.

It “probably” won’t come off and gum up the works, but I think I’d take the extra effort to clean that stuff off before the cook just in case.
We always use a product called “Desolv-It” that works wonders to take the sticky stuff off, but sometimes things like peanut butter, WD-40, or baking soda will do the trick. Good luck!

I cooked the ham for 8 hrs and it came out fine. I was surprised that the leftover label pieces were still intact when done.