Happy Holidays To You & Yours

Wanted to wish my family here happy holidays and an awesome new year. I hope you’re enjoying it with good food, love, and happiness. Every time I step into this community, I’m constantly amazed and inspired to see everyone’s incredible sous vide journey. Continue to ask questions, learn, and create beautiful dishes.

When I cook, it humbles me. I think of the things that are so important to me. I think about my family, my childhood memories, and the closeness that cooking brings. I sincerely hope everyone here is enjoying the beautiful little things that brings magic into your lives.



I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Feastivas, the international celebration of over-eating.

But seriously, I hope everyone is enjoying the celebrations by whatever name you care to apply.

For me, at the bottom of the world, the Christmas celebrations which are dedicated to family have passed. It’s leftovers time. The New Year celebrations, the time to party and revel with friends, are ahead.

And of course food. Whenever there is celebration there is food. Food brings us together. It allows cultural expression. It opens people to new experiences.

Thanks to @AlyssaWOAH and @colewagoner for the work they do around here. Thanks also to the senior forum members for their support and inspiration.

We’re already noticing an influx of new people who have received sous vide equipment for Christmas presents or in post Christmas sales. I expect that trend will continue for a while as new APC owners find the community and find their feet. Be gentle with them. Remember, we all had to begin somewhere.

Stay safe. Stay happy.


AlyssaWOAH - Happy New Year To You, Alyssa ! Thank you for being the voice of Anova in these pages.

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Happy New Year and I wish all success next year.

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