Has Anova gone bankrupt? Support non existant...

Last year in December 2023, I ordered an Anova Precision Cooker 3.0 together with some accessoires like the Anova Precision Cooker Base. Once I received everything, I noticed the cooker base did not fit on my Precision Cooker 3.0 so I logged a support case.

To be honest, I thought it was simply because it wasn’t compatible with the 3.0 cooker despite Anova advertising the base on the 3.0 cooker product page. Anyway I logged a support case and after a tediously long process of 2 months, support told me the base should be compatible and they would ship me an RMA. I found this a bit weird because the base itself did not seem to be damaged at all.

Anyway this was somewhere early February 2024. After a few weeks I still hadn’t received anything or any shipping confirmation so I asked for an update. Unfortunately Anova has just been ignoring me ever since, I have sent numerous replies asking for an update, nothing at all.

I also tried contacting their info@annovaculinary.com mailbox instead, also no reply. Hence why I am now giving the community board a shot. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Anova? This has literally been the worst customer support I have ever received, it’s been 6 months and I still do not have a solution.

Support case # is 893308 in case anyone from Anova is reading this.

Anova don’t read $hit here! …however you can use the little orange chat box to the right hand side of a computer screen to kickstart chat, at that point I would simply ask for the organ grinder NOT the monkey… by that I mean ask for an explanation & resolution from the CS MANAGER

So… Bill, AND Harry (harry is new)

Or take the names off that page & send emails to them to @anovaculinary
& just say that Anova sitting on a problem for months means you wish to escalate the complaint because it is poor c.s.

Tried it yesterday but Anova doesn’t read the orange chat box either. Texted them but got no reply whatsoever. I’m really starting to think they have gone bankrupt.

Sometimes takes several days… (yeah, really)
Have you rung them using a real voice on a real phone as per the old days?


Anova Culinary, Inc.
180 Steuart Street #192843
San Francisco, CA 94105
P: 855.421.8282

I got through via the orange button, highlighting this thread (Kristoffer picked it up)

Hopefully they are now back on the case.

So, did you follow up, & if so what was the result ??