heat deformed oven outer shell?

In addition to the water leaks mentioned in my previous post, during a few of the cooks (we’ve only used the oven maybe 3 times or so?), we heard bangs coming from the oven. Looking closer today, I see that the outside shell of the oven has warped, most likely due to the heat? I don’t recall seeing this damage from the initial unpacking of the oven.

That would surprise me. To me that looks like shipping damage. What does your box look like? @failingbetter took the back off of his to fix a leak. I guess you could open it up and look.

The box didn’t have any damage to it and looking at the inside of the box, I confirmed that the walls of the box are intact, with no holes or other shipping trauma that would have breached its integrity. I’m loathe to take the oven apart to check for leaks for fear of voiding the warranty - waiting for a followup from support to see what our next steps should be

It’s very weird. I’ve done a fair amount of metal work and I find it very unlikely that steam or typical heat from the oven would deform a panel like that especially that close to an edge. Perhaps the photo is playing tricks.

Doubtful that removing some screws and looking inside is going to void a warranty. There is case law in the US that even breaking stickers that say that breaking them voids warranties are invalid.

Mine had similar damage from shipping. The box had a few dents and dings, but nothing that looked substantial enough to dent the oven. However, the styrofoam was cracked.

Customer Service told me they’d honor the warranty if I took it apart, so you could ask for the same in an email.

Mine deforms on the inside during cooks. I hear it pop a few times as it warms up. But nothing on the outside.

You can see it?

Yes. I’ve seen it happen. It’s noticeable because the light moves at the same time.

So a panel just pops in the heat or you have a visible permanent dent?

What panel is moving and do you you think it makes any difference in the function of the oven?

FWIW, I heard back from Anova support and they provided me a shipping label to ship my oven back and will be shipping me a new one, hopefully out of a batch they’re getting around October 26th.

Here’s hoping! I loved it for the few cooks we did with it!


Inner upper panel moves. I believe it doesn’t permanently warp but it does deform. Like a crappy baking sheet deforms then returns to flat when it cools.

I don’t think it affects the function much but is another annoyance. It really shouldn’t happen.

I have had several instances of something inside deforming when searing. I often make toast. Also, the supplied tray often warps under heat. Very noisy sometimes. While on the subject, the supplied racks are also flimsy. This is very disappointing in such an expensive device. Because this is a non-standard size you can’t just go out and buy better ones.

I couldn’t agree more. I feel the same way about all of the minor issues. They add up to one big issue which is a shame.

Have not returned it yet then? Why not?

In the OP’s photo, the center of that particular deformation appears to have a spot weld to something inside the unit. I looked at mine, and I have a little bump there under the finish in the exact same place as OP, which to me, indicates a spot weld. My guess is something in the back of the oven deformed on his, pulling the outside of the casing inwards and causing the deformity if it wasn’t caused during shipping.

That said, that seems like an awful lot of stress to me to be able to cause that from just heating. And, if it was by heating, things should expand, not contract. My guess is that it was probably caused during shipping or before it was boxed. The metal popping sounds, probably the pan that comes with it. Mine warped the first time I used it, very badly. But it warped back once it got to temp. I ended up lowering the temp by 50 degrees every 30 mins until the oven was cool in the hopes that it might temper the metal into staying in the correct position. I haven’t used it at higher temps since, so we’ll see how it goes in a few hours.

I believe the pan is included for descaling.

Not uncommon for ovens to make noises. I’d imagine that over time things will normalize.

I will. I still have time. I haven’t tried any long cooks in sous vide mode and want to do that first. You’ve asked me this a couple times already. I see you don’t appreciate my pointing out my major issues with the product. Are you keeping yours?

There is no way this is strictly for rescaling. That would be silly. Finding sheets this size is difficult. They had to include one for cooking but rushed it.

I think you complain about the product and have yet to share anything you like about it. You seem very unhappy.

I think we have already beat the pan topic to death. They had to include a descaling pan. If you want to use it for baking cookies its your choice.

Your logic that it’s strictly a descaling pan is dizzying.

I agree I am pointing out my issues with the oven as they’re major.

But I have said that I would purchase it again once the major issues are resolved. It does have some good features and functions but at this point there are too many issues to be happy about the purchase.

Very few people were as excited about this product as I was. But you can’t deny there are problems.

Are you keeping yours?