Heating issues


I´ve bought 4 Anova runners to use at home and at my restaurant. I only use them for testing at home and to cook one dish (pork belly) for 16 hours 1 o 2 times a week so its not an intensive or abusive use. I´ve bought for because i live in the Azores islands (right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) and feared about delivery time. After 2 months (used 3 times) the first runner stopped heating and i contacted the support and it was told to me that no problem at all replacing the runner. Now i have 3 runners with the same problem and starting to be worried about Anova liability and product quality. After contacting the team few days ago about the 3 not working runners it was told to me that they will not be replaced!! I´ve used them less then 5 times!!! About 800USD and lots of expectation for this… How can i be refunded or have runners to cook??

Kind regards