Heating sweetener?

Does anybody know the best temperature that needs to be reached for 2:1 sweetener to water using XyloBrit Sugar Free Natural Sweetener?

I need to make diabetic suitable sugar syrup. I know that it should not boil and am told that a saucepan should be heated to touch hot.

Sous vide seems ideal for this, perhaps in a mason jar, if anyone has advice please?

Mik, i’d contact the manufacturer and ask them why they cannot provide more specific instructions for preparing a common ingredient like a simple syrup using their product.

Similar products for home use are usually formulated to be used in recipes as a natural sugar substitute. Touch hot for most people is in the range of 125ᴼF - 135ᴼF, often clinically referred to as your Ouch Point.

If you still need to know more, organic chemists should be able to give you exact boiling point details on xylitol sugar alcohol, - or ask Dr. Google.

Hmm… Never been called “Dr. Google” before: See “melting point"

Thanks all.
Because the sweetener is so soluble in water I don’t think I will need to reach melting point.
I will defer to chatnoir’s clinical Ouch Point

Keep in mind that such a syrup can’t be consumed as freely as a sugar syrup , as sugar alcohols have a substantial laxative effect as well as creating copious gas.

I wouldn’t recommend freely consuming sugar syrup to anyone, particularly someone with diabetes.

I’m no longer up to date with the scientific literature in Diabetes management, but the consumption of sweetened foods, even sugar free products, used to be discouraged.

Those unfavourable effects do impact some people when consumed in significant quantities. When used in moderation your gut should develop a degree of toleration over time.

The Health Store advises:
“XyloBrit does not require Insulin to be metabolised and is suitable for use by diabetics.”
I will enquire further whether syrup, to sweeten lime/lemon drinks, hot or cold, is recommended or not.

I mould be careful taking medical advice from a retail source that needs to sell you their products.

Endocrinologists used to advise Patients against consuming sugar-free and carbohydrate-free foods and beverages because they tended to support their desire for sweets and could also lead to overeating because the mind thinks it can safely consume more calories than required for good health.

Some people are able to substitute cold water with a slice of lemon or lime as their beverage of choice while others learn to enjoy plain ice tea.