Help with Wifi

Hi everyone first post here, this morning i succesfully configured my new Wifi Cooker from app, then i disabled wifi and bluetooth on the phone to check if everything was ok via LTE.
Now i’m outside (LTE connection) and the app can’t connect, it keeps looking for a bluetooth connection. I tought that once connected to my wifi the app could keep the connection even if i’m on a different connection, am i wrong?

Edit: I signed in with my google account, the app keeps asking me to log in with my google account so maybe that’s the problem…

The app wants you to use login credentials to connect to the Anova cloud, yes.

(and, you really shouldn’t actually have to go outside to test - just turning wifi and bluetooth off on your phone will accomplish the task of making your only data path cellular) :slight_smile:

When you do the wifi setup (using a 2.4GHz network) the app passes those network credentials over to the APC. For this one-time setup, your phone must be connected to a 2.4GHz network (and the 5GHz network either shouldn’t have the same name/SSID or be disabled - again, just for this initial setup). Once the APC’s connected successfully to your 2.4GHz wifi network it will use that path going forward.

Now, the APC doesn’t have a super-powerful wifi radio - so if you put it somewhere in your home that it can’t actually connect to your wifi, that could be your problem.

(also, just to set expectations - this forum is for members of the community to support each other - if you’re looking to contact Anova support, you should use the support section of the site to e-mail or call them) :slight_smile: