Hot cooks result in schizophrenic controls

The last couple of times we’ve run the oven at or over 400 degrees for anything over about 30 minutes, the control panel has begun beeping and flashing and resetting the cook style to Top & Bottom. Even after it’s turned off, it continues its hissy fit for some time, but seems to settle down if I leave the door open and let it cool down.

I suspect the heat is affecting the circuitry, but I’m not sure.

Anyone else have this issue? I love my oven, but I have to get this sorted.

The whole circuitry above regular ovens has annoyed me since I first started fixing mine back in the day, which makes me doubly wary as to any smaller box combi-microwave oven, air fryers & the like, there is cheap as hell modicum of glassfibre type insulation or… this is why regular ovens absolutely bleed heat like a slit jugular & are so inefficient so that they can all be "standardised, punched metal pieces of crap.

If you go further such as anova have, then heat separation needs to be build in so that it does not stress the components circuitry & chips, this is what I like about my brewing kit, the circuitry can be decoupled (handy for an upgrade too) offboard with a heat deflective walls build would improve efficiency & main component longevity, but no-one does it.

If my brew PCU dies I can simply swap it out, likely before a brew is stuffed I could have another unit plugged in & carry on within 20 minutes of a phone call to another owner of the same brand of kit & attempt a continuation or salvage of my time, processes & ingredients.

If Anova had made a unit with heat baffle separation then i’d likely have had an actual reason to try it based on improved odds of product not crapping out with such regularity.

Has anyone been able to identify where the majority of failure are coming from in order to bastardise it & protect things from heat stress?