How Did You Learn About Sous Vide?

I wanted to see how everyone in here learned about sous vide?

For me: I have been into food blogging for long time. I LOVE cooking - especially Latin American food. I stumbled upon it a while back in a Google search for different cooking methods.

I am in a FB group that focuses on food and has some food pros as members and is a safe place to post food pictures. SV gets mentioned once in awhile.

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Several of my friends are foodies, as I am.

As a single guy I’m especially interested in eating less processed food, not eating out too much, best and new ways to cook for just 1 person and managing leftovers.

Being known as a kitchen technology guy who has introduced various new kitchen tech and ‘old as new’ devices (e.g. clay cookers) to my friends, I was asked by one of them if I knew anything about SV.

As they say, “It all started with a base hit”. :sunglasses:

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Nice! @MrTimmy - like you, I am interested in eating less processed foods and sous is so perfect for that. Awesome thanks for answering!

Don’t remember when I learned about sous vide, but it was quite a few years ago. At the time there were no water bath or circulators within reach of the home cook. Then 2 years ago I saw a few posts on hacking a slow cooker to use for sous vide cooking. Then I came across an inexpensive water bath to try. Results were mixed, but good enough to know I wanted to go further. Though I found the bath idea limiting. I started snooping around some manufacturers sites and one day in typical Google fashion an Anova ad popped up. Just want I was looking for, but took me a while to pull the trigger on the purchase because it was a US site. Last November I got an ad in AUD and jumped at it.

Prison. The probation officer suggested it.

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Unfortunately an apartment dweller for the last few years. As I had to part with my beloved BBQ, I needed a solution for BBQ like results in an apartment space (this was Oct '15).

It didn’t take long to find that ANova was making an affordable sous vide circulator…did a pre-order on the Wifi unit and joined the masses waiting for their units to come in. :slight_smile:

Set off the smoke detector the first time I seared a steak (the range hood is woefully inadequate). I’ve since learned to disconnect the smoke detector, close the pocket door beside the stove and strategically place a fan to blow the clouds of smoke out my sliding door. :slight_smile:

Oh…and also added a Weber electric BBQ to my arsenal about a year ago - good for finishing my sous vide ribs or BBQ’ing anything other than steak. (still finish steaks on a blistering hot cast iron pan on the stove).

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Three things happened last winter:

  1. Saw the movie Burnt on a flight home from vacation
  2. Got The Food Lab book for Christmas
  3. Found a Maker post on making an Arduino-based sous vide controller.

The movie wasn’t that great but did introduce us to the concept of sous vide cooking. The Food Lab book and other blog posts provided the details on the science behind sous vide cooking.

As I had the parts from another Aruduino-based temperature controller project, I was able to build the sous vide controller. Didn’t work as expected with keeping the precise temperatures but it was enough to say “KEWL”, look for a precision sous vide cooker and deep dive into sous vide cooking.

With the Anova, I can finally do steaks and eggs the way my partner likes them, “rare” and “runny”. :slight_smile:

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@MaxLaChat nice! Think you’re the second person I’ve heard who learned about sous vide from the movie Burnt! I really need to see that movie.