How do I Turn off the loud beeps

Is there anyway to turn off the beep? Or at least turn it way down? My wife has a medical condition where her hearing is super sensitive. The beep is extremely shrill and loud and really hurts her ear. It’s cause enough for us to return the unit for another brand. I really love the food tho, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi! I’m so sorry the beeping is too loud. That sounds like a really bad experience for your wife :(. We have gotten this feedback and are working on making it better.

For the time being you can press the pause/play button to stop it and then just press pay again to keep the water heating. Also you can use an external timer, like your phone or oven. I know this is way less than ideal, but we are working to fix this issue for the future.

I will double check on Monday that there is nothing else that can be done to fix the problem immediately.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

So its been a fricken year! Where is this functionality?! I recently bought this anova and i have to listen to these annoying beeps for no reason. Why isnt there a way to turn down/off the beeps? Seems like a simple addition to the software unless your beep speaker isnt controllable through the software? Whats the issue?

@Zaryab_Ali you should be able to turn off the beeping sounds both directly on the cooker itself, or in the app. To turn it off from the app, press “stop cooking” for the alarm to stop.

It would be so nice to be able to tell not to beep at all. Ever.


any news on a “mute” option?.. seriously don’t want to use that for a 16hours cooking and wake up at 3 am because the temperature changed for a few seconds…

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Are you talking about the timer beeps or something different? There will be two short beeps when the desired temp has been reached - but it should be very brief and it will stop on its own. If the temperature for the water bath changes randomly and frequently, It shouldn’t. The unit should keep the temperature stable.

The only problem with pressing the “stop cooking” button is…it stops cooking. If I want to hold temp this doesn’t work. I’ve tried pressing stop, then starting it back up again - however the app holds the last cook time input and in two hours the alarm is going off again. This is most frequently an issue when I want to be sure I’ve hit minimum cook temo, but don’t know how soon I’m serving it, e.g. food is “ready”at 5:30p but the clan isn’t ready to eat until almost 8p. Can’t they just add an alarm toggle to the app?

As with other comments, I would really like the ability to completely turn off the audible beeps. One of our dogs has a past experience with a smoke detector being triggered by an electrical short in our basement. The beeps sound similar enough to the smoke alarm that whenever it goes off, he freaks out. It’s bad enough my wife is talking about getting rid of it (the Anova, not the dog). It’s been a long time since the original question was posted. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to be able to toggle the beeps off completely through the app.

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Don’t use the timer on the Anova if you don’t want beeps. I only hear the beeps that tell me that the APC is almost at temp, so I assume you must be using the timer on the APC. Just use a kitchen timer and your dog will thank you! :slight_smile:

The air cooker beeps whenever I just press a button its awful, I just want to cook chicken nuggets at night without waking up my family please. This must be torture for people with hearing sensitivity. Otherwise good product though

Didn’t you know that most appliance manufacturers believe that they have the unalienable right to beep at their customers for as long and as loud as they like?

Why does my toaster beep when it’s finished making toast? Because it can…

Design morons with no interest in what their customers actually need or want come up with this, driven by marketing people who couldn’t care less about a product that actually works well. The marketing idiots do care about a product that they think will sell, though. Especially when useless and impractical features can be made to look cool on a website, complete with a comparison table that shows that their product beeps more than the competition’s.


Right. This is a no brainer.

I got the same problem. Very annoying.

the gourmia is basically the same you disconnect from power
pop the grey top off
unscrew what’s underneath lift it off it’ll stay connected to the circuit board
lift the little black cylinders top shown in the video with a butter knife or blade
and there will be these silver pieces inside I took those out I put the top back on
it took me no more than 5 mins with minimal tools! (:smile: