How do you find your Backer ID

I just followed the link provided in project update #19

When I first opened the link 2 days ago it was possible to see a date according to your chosen reward (or whatever it’s called).
Now you can only get a date if you know your “backer ID”

How do I find my backer ID? - None of the emails I’ve received seem to mention that.

I hope someone can enlighten me


I’m not sure how you see it via mobile Kickstarter apps, but it is pretty easy to find via the Kickstarter website. On the KS website you click on your name in the upper right corner then click the “view all” link. That will take you to your “Backer History” page. Find the Anova project on that page and click on it. That will pop up a project details page and your backer number is near the top right below the project title section.

Not sure what happened - was in a different thread then when I posted it appeared here…

If anyone needs their backer ID please shoot me a message and I'll send it over to you :)

How do you find the backer Id on the iOS app