How long do i cook a 4-5 lb. beef tenderloin (130 degrees)

i am cooking a 4-5 lb beef tenderloin for a party.  given it’s size, for how long do i need to cook it?  it’s the size thing that is confusing to me.  thanks for your replies in advance.  btw, i am using the APC in a cambro tub. 

I think it is the thickness that determines the time.

I cooked a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin at 140 degrees for 2.5 hours and it was lovely.

Here is a link with pictures

Correct, weight and thickness are two different measurements, so the thickness would be needed. Also the core temp would be needed. Average core temp is usually 41 degrees F.

So how is thickness measured? diameter? I have the same question for a similar weight beef tenderloin. I’m thinking four hours, and probably cut the roast in half so it fits in the pot. Any advice appreciated!

Is thickness and diameter same thing

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Shawn, they are not the same, but with a beef tenderloin they could be if it has been shaped and tied.

If the shape of the meat is more cylinder-like use the largest width dimension for your calculation. Length is of no concern as long as the meat fits your cooking chamber.

If the meat is more flat than round, use its thickness.