How much time for a 5-pound 8 bones pork loin rack?

  1. I was thinking of cooking my pork loin @ 145F. Is it too high? I don’t want any people afraid of eating because of texture/color…

  2. should I split the loin in 2 to accelerate the process?

  3. I will post sear my loin on the BBQ over very high heat

  4. maybe I will buy another loin of the same size if more people join my party… is having more pork in my water vessel will necessitate more cooking time?

Waiting on your precious advices, thank you!

I would leave it in the bath for 2-4 hours with the bone still on. Splitting it into 2 pieces will not speed things up. 145°F is a little higher than I use but for a group having pork this way for the first time it may be closer to what they expect texture wise. As long as water is free to circulate around the meat more time is not needed for an extra bag of meat.

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