How switch off/disable the alarm?

How switch off/disable the alarm?

I use the stick to make yogurt and the ready time was 06:00 (start at 21:00, timer set for 9h), I don’t want any acoustical alarm, it should simply switch off.

The opposite happen, the alarm rang beeped forever and the stick did not switch off.

Any way to fix that alarm issue? Or do need to disassemble?

The only way to disable the alarm is at the device itself, by pressing the stop button or turning the unit off.

I suggest not to use the alarm on the Anova because it doesn’t do anything useful and, as you discovered, annoys you indefinitely. Use a kitchen timer or an alarm on your phone instead.

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I am a total beginner here. Thanks for that feedback.

Does the SV stick switches off when the time is up? Mine was set at 43°C and when I finally switched the alarm off after a while it was still at 43°C.

After switching it off from the app the temp dropped very fast.

So when you say “the alarm … doesn’t do anything useful”, you mean it’s just beep sound with no function?

Yes, that is exactly what it does.

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As you’ve noticed the precision cooker doesn’t turn off when time is up. The beep is just a courtesy reminder.

Having the unit turn off would be a food safety issue. If it went off and for some reason you weren’t there to take care of it the cook would be sitting unattended cooling slowly. It would probably not take long to drop into the ‘danger zone.’ Perhaps not such a problem with your yoghurt production, but undesirable with other cooks.

Having it remain cooking matters way less. Overcooking isn’t really an issue and time is fairly flexible with sous vide processing.


What is a safety issue should be decided by the user. Having the device run forever is a safety issue too. And having an alarm you don’t care about in the middle of the night is also not good.

At least there should be an option to disable it - and also an option for a self shut down when the alarm triggers.

Remember: more option = better.

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I’m afraid, I disagree with you there, but such is life.


Hi @eat,

You are just starting out with sous vide - after you get a chance to learn a bit more about sous vide cooking you’ll see why having the unit continue to maintain heat after the “cook complete” alarm sounds makes sense when it comes to safety.
As for comments about the alarm - I think most of us would opt for more control right along with you!

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I’m a beginner here too. Why would you set the timer to go off in the middle of the night in the first place? Why would you want your food to just sit there 'til you got up?

Because sometimes it doesn’t matter, and where it doesn’t matter the option of a silent alarm and a switch off is nice.

My example is yogurt. I start at 21:00, yogurt needs 9h at 43°C, so it’s ready at 06:00, a bit before I get up. I let it cool down anyway a few hours before I put it in fridge. To have it stay in the slowly cooler getting water is no problem at all.

There are certainly other scenarios, probably the one you thought of when you disagreed - and you are perfectly right under your circumstances and I agree fully with you, that why I think more options are better.

Another ‘switch off after time is up’ scenario is the preheating of milk before yogurt making (82°C/30min) to break down the proteins in fresh milk.

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@eat, if the time doesn’t matter then don’t set the timer.

You’re talking of some very specific circumstances that could actually be resolved quite simply by putting a timer on your power outlet.

The APC is set up for cooking. Under these circumstances having proteins sitting at temperatures below 54C/130F for an extended length of time is undesirable.

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I agree