How to pre-cooked for your week?

I’m a new user, and I love the taste of slow cook food.
and my question is after i pre-cooked all the chicken breasts and steaks and salmon then put all in to the fridge. when i wanna eat, what should i do???

Both are delicious cold either in a salad or as the protein in a sandwich. They also can be rewarmed in water at the original cooking temperature. I have not tried reheating fish before so no guarantees. I normally make a trip to the market and buy fish fresh and cook it the same day as eating. For me buying ahead and preparing ahead never works out. I am either not hungry or my schedule changes and dinner is not what I originally planned. It is easier for me to shop on the way home and buy fresh ingredients rather than waste any food. I also buy vegetables from the stores salad bar. They are cut up and I can get exactly what I need for the evening.

sometimes i have to work till late so there is no time for me to shopping during workday. therefore i pre-cooked the stuff in the fridge is more convenience for me. I just wondering if i don’t reward them, is that ok?

No, it’s not ok. Everyone deserves at least a participation medal in today’s world. You have to reward them, because you wouldn’t want them to feel left out, now would you?

Ok, seriously, the food is cooked, it doesn’t matter if you heat it or not, that’s you preference and what was saying.

Depending on how thick the piece of meat is, you can also rewarm as part of the searing process.

Lastly, I agree with John about the fish. Unless you are cooking it for use in a cold sandwich or salad, then I wouldn’t reheat that one. Just my 2-yen.

I also agree with when I cook chicken, I most often eat it cold because I just throw it in a salad or a sandwich. But you can also reheat it… totally up to you.