Precooking for weekly meal prep

Im new to Sous Vide. Has anyone precooked several steaks ahead of time to grill or finish later in the week? Would this defeat the purpose all together?

I have precooked several steaks, then put them in a ice bath, and stored them in the fridge while still in the cooking bag.
Then its only a matter of reheating , drying them and doing the finishing steps.
I think they turned out reasonably good but by the time I reheat them and finish them , it seems like I am not saving that much time.

thanks for the response…very helpful

You’re welcome !
For weekly meal prep I have found that the eggbites ( work extremely well for breakfast , I cook up a batch on Sunday night and they can easily last all week.
In fact at one point I left a jar in the fridge at work for over a month and a half , and when I opened it to toss it , it still seemed ok .
Also because they look rather odd, it seems like the lunch thieves pass over them time and time again.