How to start cooking/timer when temp has reached?

Am using the Andriod app over wifi and I can not for the life of me see how i can start the cooking timer when temperature has been reached and I am ready to start the cooking process, what am I missing??

Hey there,

So there are two ways: you can set it manually: Video: Setting the timer and switching from Celsius to Fahrenheit

But on the app, what you do is click the small type that says “set time” under the temperature

I will post a photo tomorrow, I just don’t have an android with me now, let me know if you find it.

Hi, thanks for your reply, I see the set time function there, but how do I actually start the timer? Or does that timer start automatically when the temperature is reached?

Hi! Sorry for the late response, I just wanted to try it for myself to make sure I didn’t give you the wrong info.

So what I discovered is that the time starts once the target temperature has been reached. You will get a notification on your phone that the temp has been reached and the timer is starting.

I hope that helps!

ok i see thanks for the info, so how does it know exactly when i have put the food in? Or should I put the food bag in the water before it reaches the set temp? Thanks!

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It knows exactly when you should put the food in. It will first tell you the temp has been reached and then tell you that the water is ready for you to put your food in :slight_smile:

Hi new to this! How do I set the temp & time through the app? I have only been able to do it By selecting recipes. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Dearbecks, which app are you using? Android, IOS, and wifi or bluetooth? I can make you a quick video if I have that info :slight_smile:

Hey @HunterC. I’m using the iOS app & have the wifi version. A video would be great. Happy new year!!

Check this out:


The issue I am having is that once I select a recipe from the App, the timer doesn’t consistently start.

What is causing this?

My temperature will reach 130F for steak, I put my steak in which seems to lower the temperature down to 128F momentarily. When the temperature reaches back to 130F it doesn’t start the timer. I’ll have to pause and restart a few times to get it going.

What am I doing wrong?


I am not exactly sure, I am going to pass this on to the engineering to team to see what might be going on. Thanks for sharing, I will get back when I get an answer.

Are you using iOS or android? And if iOS Bluetooth or wifi?

Same issue here ios 10.2 platform iPhone 6s the timer does not start when the taget temperature is reached has to turn the device on and off pause ect please remove the auto timer funktion and let me start it In the app.

Best regards Christian

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Same issue here on the Android app. Plus,having the timer start as soon as the water reaches temperature is not helpful as you have to have time to put the food in the water bath. What good is an alert on my phone when the timers starts. It’s nice to get the alert that my water is ready, but if I am across the house, by the time I put my food in the water, my actual cooking time is inconsistent with the time.

It doesn’t feel like it’s user tested as that issue would immediately come to light.

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Hi @RollandGroove77 and @Postrothe, I am going to get our app guys on this thread to help you our and also get some of your feedback so you can have a more direct link to them.

I am passing on everything I see here, but talking directly to the source is always better. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I am happy to help. Should I be initiating something? I feel like there are some (seemingly) simple updates that could make the app immensely more valuable. As it is now, I more or less forego the app and just cook using the on-device controls and timer application.

…and to be clear, in case I sound overly negative, I love the cooker. It’s already begun to change how our family eats and is very simple to use, with great results. I just want to be able to use it to its fullest potential.

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Same with me. But only sometimes … : Temperature reaches where it needs to be, then I put my bag in, the water cools down slightly, then the timer doesn’t start because I am now being told that my water needs to “pre-heat” again according to the app. So now my food in the bag is in the water that is “pre-heating” even though a few seconds earlier, the temperature was where it needed to be … any help would be much appreciated as I never know if I can just walk away and assume everything will work out / the timer is running, etc. or if my food is sitting in water that is just slightly below the desired temperature and the timer is still not starting and my food is ruined. … Other than that, LOVE LOVE LOVE my Anova!!!

Just used it the first time today. I am having the same problem as myriel.

you can just walk away. the time taken to come back up to temp wont affect the food, which is also coming up to temp itself.

i wouldn’t worry about it, and just wait for the timer to finish.