How to use the proof mode?

I’m just wondering about using the proof mode on the oven. Given that it is preset to 60% steam can I assume that the dough does not need to be covered? Most recipes call for you to cover the dough during the proofing in order to keep it from drying out but it seems that isn’t necessary if the air is quite moist.

Also any input regarding how much the 80 degrees (F) and 60% steam affect proofing times that are recommended in most recipes.


Each recipe is unique and there are no hard and fast rules for fermentation time. Using the Proof Mode may significantly change your timings for items. I make sourdough and other breads and the proofing times are significantly shorter at 80°F. My kitchen is normally 60°- 65° F in the colder months and I will leave dough out for 12-14 hours overnight. At 80° F I need to pay closer attention as it rises much faster. Another consideration is that quicker ferments will not have as intense a flavor as the long slow ones. I will often give my dough an additional day in the refrigerator to intensify the flavor. With the steam I don’t think you will have a problem with dry dough

Thanks. That’s helpful. I figured the times would be shorter at 80º but I guess I’ll just have to watch and see.

I should also note that recipes with commercial yeast are normally timed in a warmer kitchen and their stated times should be fairly close. I do a lot of sourdough baking and the strength of your starter has a big impact. I also like the flavors that develop with a slow rise so this is what I do unless pressed for time.

Hi JC, you can learn a lot from watching your dough rise and once you become familiar with your recipes and oven your baking will be much easier.

Be careful with many recipes because fermentation times are temperature dependant. I don’t know about your kitchen, but mine, like John’s, has substantial temperature variations. That’s why i use oven proofing for consistent sandwich bread results. For artesian-style baking i do much the same as John for enhanced flavour.

The old-school method for monitoring fermentation was the proof-til-doubled-in-bulk. And it still works although i don’t think there’s an app for it yet.

Is there a separate “Proof” mode? if so how do I access it? or is it just a combination of setting the temperature and steam settings? (sorry I am just a beginner with this oven)

It’s on the home page of the app. You may have to scroll to the right to see it.

The ‘Proof’ Quick Start is at the top of the app! Connect your oven to Wifi and you will see them appear!

Does ‘Proof’ uses steam? If so, what is the lowest dry temperature? With what settings?

Today I tried bottom heat, 35°C, 50% steam - and it was fine. I guess any temp can do (but obviously cooler than ambient won’t work). No need to set steam.

Unfortunately, I have not had any luck connecting to WiFi, so I need to set the oven manually… which heating element is used for proofing? Some guidance aside from Use the App would be helpful. Specifically - temperature, heating elements & steam percentage. Thanks!

so in this case seemed no need to use cling paper to cover the dough?

Some more info: The lowest temperature one can set is 25°C

You can use whatever steam setting you like, I think at 75% or higher you don’t need a cover. But take care if you like a rustic floured top, that is gone if it gets too wet.

And for proofing you can use any element I believe, I mostly use just the bottom. I am waiting for my power meter to check what mode is most energy efficient.

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thanks for sharing, really useful