APO First Bake

APO Arrived yesterday after following all the instructions, I started my first bake today. Started with the humble potato. Bake seems to be very even and from here I can make mashed potato, skins, air fried wedges… I plan to use it next to improve my sourdough bakes.

My first question, is how can i publish my recipes? I plan on using the app to store them as I progress but would also like to share with others.

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Hello! Welcome to the #anovafoodnerd fam. At this time, sharing/publishing recipes is limited to approved recipe creators, but public publishing is on the road map and coming in 2022! You can store them in your app for your personal use at this time.

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Do you plan on using the oven for proofing?
This seems like a great option for homes that are kept cooler in Winter.

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Will be baking a loaf tomorrow and i have already committed my standalone proofer to the bin.


I’ve found proofing difficult with the Anova. I’ve used a Brod and Taylor proofer prior to receiving the oven - as well as a Breville Smart Oven with a proof function. Both work great, but I’ve replaced my Breville with my Anova.(I’m keeping the Brod and Taylor because – even with the new Anova – the B&T is a fantastic proofer. Had it for five years now – and it’s always kept its temperature pretty closely.)

The main issue I’m finding is that I can’t keep the proof temp less than 80F (26C or so). I’ve tried with the sous vide mode on, rear element off/bottom on, sous vide with 30% steam – and everything seems to creep the oven about 90F.

Today I made the Everything Bagels – and I noticed the recipe called for 60% steam/80F/26C/SVM on for the first proof. And – sure enough – that seemed to keep reasonably close to 80F – rising only to 85F after an hour or so. I’m guessing the humid, wet environment keeps the temps a bit stable – especially on the low end of the scale.

So that’s going to be my next proof target when I try another Tartine loaf.

Other than the proofing fluctuation – and the wifi issues I detailed in a previous thread – I love the oven. It’s pretty nifty.

And the bagels turned out fantastic. Although next time I’m going to use a lye wash right before baking instead of a baking soda wash.

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