Hungarian/Eastern European Yeast Dumplings


I suspect that the Anova would be perfect for making yeast dumplings (Serviettenknödel). These dumpling are made of a yeast dough with ca. 500gr. flour, 10g fresh yeast, 250ml milk and 1 egg. The mixture is kneaded into a dough, let rest and…

…traditionally you would wrap the dumpling into cling film and then a kitchen towel and submerge it under water until cooked. The Dumpling is then cut up into slices like a loaf of bread.

… the Anova would be prefect for this, I think. Just wondering about cooking time and temperature. Any ideas?

@ChefNicole or @colewagoner? I don’t really have a lot of expertise in this, but they might know a thing or two :slight_smile:

Hello Korgo!

That recipe does sound delicious, and I love that the name came from the dough traditionally being wrapped up in a kitchen towel, or serviette!

In the conventional recipes I have checked, it does look like the dough is usually submerged in boiling water. I agree with you that you can likely get the same results with your Anova, but like other “baked good” type recipes cooked in the sous vide method, I think the temperature will have to be pretty high. I would go for 195ºF/90.6ºC at least - and definitely insulate your cooking vessel and cover with cling film/Saran Wrap to keep that heat high!

Timing - if you do one large loaf, I would say 45 minutes should be a good cooking time. If you do individual ones, you could reduce this to 25 - 30 minutes. Much like when you cook anything else sous vide, the thickness plays an important “roll” - pun intended!

Hope that helps!