I can't get the WiFi app to work on my iPhone 6

I loaded both the Bluetooth (original) iPhone app on both my iPad (2nd Gen) and iPhone 6 and both Bluetooth apps work fine.  However, I can only get the WiFi app to work on my iPad.  It will not complete the installation on the iPhone.  It keeps telling me to unload the app and try again.  I’ve done everything I can think of - restart the Anova, restart my phone, etc. but nothing works.  Any ideas?

However, the Anova works perfectly otherwise…mmmm…delicious!!

Let’s ask @Bill if the wifi app supports more than one client controlling one PC.  Not entirely certain if it would or not.  (if not, you need to delete the app off of your iPad, then setup the iPhone - well, if that’s your preferred device to control it with of course) :slight_smile:

Sorry…waiting for the Air 3 - otherwise I’d test that for you. :slight_smile: