I have no idea how to adjust the temperature and can't find it anywhere

I have no idea how to adjust the temperature and can’t find it anywhere! So right now, I have a nice piece of salmon who go in the trash! So I would like a hand as to how to adjust the temperature piece a cake with the time Setting, but you really should have a little easy start guide for those of us I have a really hard time getting started!

Are you talking manually or via the app?

Manually the temp adjusts with the blue wheel on the front of the unit.

In app it’s in the same place as time. Above the “set time” there is a “set temp” on the Android version. Setup might be a little different on the iOS but I doubt it will be greatly so.

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It is the same for the Apple App.

I second @Ember’s question. We have a video and steps on how to control your Anova Precision Cooker manually if you want to take a look at it: