Is the Anova wifi limited to G instead of N?

I spent at least an hour last night trying to connect my Anova to my
home wifi network. I was under the belief that Anova can connect to
wireless N over 2.4 ghz however when my router is set to N only the
Anova can’t connect. I have to set my router to N+G mode and then the
Anova connects within a minute. Is the Anova limited to wireless G? I
can’t seem to find the information anywhere.

Yep, it’s supporting 802.11b/g/n.   Proof of this is that G is limited to 54mbps - I took a look at the client list in my WAP and the PC is transferring at 72.2mbps.  (so, it’s definitely connecting using the N protocol).

Remember - it gets the wifi info from your phone.  Make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4GHz network when you do the initial setup (maybe disable your 5GHz network temporarily to make sure).  

Once the PC is successfully connected, it’ll use that information to connect.

If you’re still having issues with N - maybe make sure that your WAP has the latest version of firmware from the manufacturer.  Hopefully it’s not a compatibility issue.

My phone was connected at 2.4 ghz wireless N. I know this because my router was set to ONLY allow N connections and my phone was connected. At this setting, the Anova didn’t even show up in router status. Once I changed the router to wireless N + G (instead of just N) the Anova immediately showed up in router status and connected without issue. I’ll check the connection speed to see if it is connecting at N or G.