I've looked but I can't find!

Hi, sorry I am fairly sure that this will have been covered, and probably more than once, but not being used to the forum yet I can’t find the information I need.
As I said, this is all new to me and I was helped greatly by two members when I asked about a first time cook of a Sirloin Steak. Well I’ve cooked it, eaten it and cleared up afterwards!! Now I wont to say thanks to them and when I have tried to add pictures to my post it says to upload, and it seems to be doing it but they never show up! Can anybody tell me why? What am I doing wrong? Thanks. PS I did try to change my Profile to a Picture but it won’t let me do this either. Or at least it will let me but it doesn’t upload.

Hey @candj23 uploading photos on here can be annoying sometimes - I personally understand this. One reason why your images are not uploading is because it’s too large.

The maximum image upload size here is 3072 KB or 3 MB.

Sometimes what I’ll do is resize the image, or use a different one if need be. I hope this helps. Try again and let me know what comes from it.

Hey @AlyssaWOAH Many thanks for the reply, I did wonder about picture size, its not as if this is my first forum! Just being stupid lol but the picture I was trying to add was below 3mb it was nearer 2! However I have now reduced the size of the pictures I wanted to include and just wanted to say a big thank you to you for getting back to me.

Much appreciated and have a good day

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Anytime! :slight_smile: