Kenji or Baldwin temps and times

Kenji’s temperatures can differ from Baldwin’s by a margin of 1 to 4, and times can also vary by hours.Why such a significantly large difference? Which is more accurate with Anova Nano?

Both are equally valid and probably looking to achieve a different outcome.

For my money, if you’re an experimenter, start with Baldwin. Cook, taste, record and adjust until you find what is perfect for you.

If you’re not an experimenter, follow Kenji’s recommendations.

Both sources times and temperatures will result in safe food. The Anova product you use has no impact on the results of the cook as long as it can maintain the set water temperature. Too large a cooking vessel and it cannot maintain a steady temperature.

As Ember said the primary difference is in the texture of the finished product. As you vary time and temperature within the safe range you will see differences in texture and moisture retention. For my taste Kemji is normally spot on.

I find Baldwin is more conservative towards safety, and although generally safe, Kenji is focused on taste and texture. With good quality fresh fish and meat I will use Kenji. If I have any question about the age or pre-purchase care of the product I will go with Baldwin.

Thanks to all four your helpful replies