Language is in Vietnamese. Need English, can’t change!

Does ANYONE know how to change the language???

Wait…what is in Vietnamese? In here?

The Anova Feed App! I can’t find anybody in the US to tell me how to change it to English. Thought maybe somebody here could either explain or tell me how to contact the proper party. Wrote to the Vietnam support address. Don’t know if they speak English!

Looks like the first half of my original post got deleted! Sorry about that!

Did you download the correct app? Double check to be sure. Also contact so they look into this for you.

Yes, but I was rushing and hit Vietnamesesomehow! Already emailed support. Not sure if they can help. But, thanks!

Delete the APP and re-install with English as the language. I think you should be able to.

@Dalchi22, I will email you.

Edit: I’ve sent you an email. Would love to help you out with this!