Largest bain marie setup

I have read 20l is biggest bath the Bluetooth wifi model will do. I use mine for cheese making. Can i control a 20l bath with additional 20l milk bain marie style or can I only 20l sum of all parts. I have been doing 6l batches milk, works really well, but want to tipple output for some cheeses. Help appreciated.

If you’re going to have 20 liters of milk in 20 liters of water i would suggest investing in one or three more units.

I think you could warm a lot more liquid if you use a well isolated container. I my self have a setup with a pizza delivery box that I made waterproof. I don’t use milk in it but the water stays at temperature for hours after the ANOVA is removed. In a normal container heat is lost at a much higher rate. Because the box is so well isolated I can use more water than I could use with a non isolated polycarbonate container.
Making the pizza delivery box was a lot of work. You could also use a cool box. Conversion of these for sous vide instructions can be found on YouTube. I don’t know if this system would work for two times the liquid as normal though.
In general I think polycarbonate boxes are not very energy sufficient.

Hi @Bluc

@Goshin has the right idea in my opinion. Using an insulated container will allow you heat and maintain temperature of much more water in your bath. I use a Colman cooler with an insulated cover when I do longer, larger cooks. The important thing is that it insulates against heat loss so your Anova doesn’t have to work extra hard to maintain temperature.


i’ve whacked my gen 2 wifi anova in approx 50L of water and it kept it at 68.5 for a few days without issue. however, i have not tried to keep it at higher temps. unsure what temp you need for your activities.

Walter ego that sounds interesting. Buot 55c max so far for short period. Around 30c for hour is norm. Not going real high might work fine I will experiment. Thanks all